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Thank you for attending! See you next year in Singapore! (March 7-9, 2018)
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The upcoming edition of the Neuromarketing World Forum will be held on March 30-31, 2017 in London. This year, the program committee would like to draw 'the bigger picture of the now' and themed the conference: Connecting the Dots.

Submit your 2017 Neuromarketing World Forum presentation proposal today! The NMSBA is accepting proposals for the main conference programming track. Proposals must be submitted via email before August 31, 2016 by using office@nmsba.com 

Connecting the dots

The ability to connect the dots is rare, prized and valuable. We do not see neuromarketing as a stand-alone solution: the demand for a good ROI from the business side, and the call for validity from academia are both legitimate. Besides, there are many consumer insights to be drawn from other disciplines or market research methods that blend well very with neuromarketing. In the end it is all about a better understanding human and consumer behavior.

2017 Challenge

We challenge the international community to connect the dots and bring valuable, new and valid insights from any of the disciplines neuromarketing, consumer neuroscience, behavioral economics, traditional market research, advertising, marketing, or consumer psychology and build with your proposal a true bridge between science and business and beyond

Possible topics include

As an example we would like to suggest a few possible topics, but we can imagine that there is a wide range of possibilities that would fit in with 'connecting the dots' 

o Neuromarketing in broader perspective, how to use it, integrate it in existing business processes
o Best practice of consumer neuroscience in business
o 7 academic findings business people should know
o New (!) marketing lessons from behavioral economic studies
o How agencies (should) use neuroscience
o Linking traditional market research with neuromarketing findings to increase sales
o The new spectrum of market research and design testing (what does not work anymore and why)


The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2016, after which the program committee will review all proposals. All submitters will be notified about the status of their proposal before November 1, 2016.


o All proposals and presentations must be in English
o The NMSBA does not pay for travel, hotel or meals for conference speakers and presenters
o NMSBA Events waives the registration fees for the day of speech (not the conference dinners or other days)


The proposal should not be longer than 500 words (est. 1 A4). Within these 500 words, please include:
o  A short bio of the presenter(s) and organization
o  Keyword set: choose (a max of 7) words that clearly describe the main idea of your work
o  Preferred presentation title
o  Summary / content outline of max of 75 words and a detailed description


Audience take-aways: what will the audience learn from your talk?
o  Why the topic is new, exciting and needs to be included on the NMWF agenda
o  Short background on the scientific validity of the idea

Take into account that: 

1. The background of the audience will vary: 

o  from all fields above and beyond
o  very experienced & non-experienced (in neuro)
o  academia & business

2. There is a fine for bringing iceberg slides as a metaphor for conscious and subconscious decision making ;-)

3. New and own work and ideas (that have not been presented at other conferences before) will be preferred.


The Program Committee will evaluate and select proposals according to the following criteria:

Quality of Submission: All proposals must have clear objectives and a detailed description of the proposed content. Priority will be given to those proposals for which speakers and presentation titles are fully identified, original data or novel work will be presented and those which encourage broad debate.

Conference Topic: Proposals focusing on "hot" topics in neuromarketing and topics that integrate the "connected the dots" theme will be given priority.

Previous Editions: The committee will take into account the content of previous Neuromarketing World Forums (see the agendas for AmsterdamSão Paulo, New YorkBarcelona, and Dubai) while reviewing the proposals. New speakers and new topics will be given priority.


Please send your proposal BEFORE AUGUST 31, 2016 to office@nmsba.com


The Neuromarketing World Forum Program Committee 2017 consists of the following members:

Ashish Umre - Optimisation Manager, Tesco PLC
Kamal Sharma - Senior Manager Shopper Insights, The Hershey Company
Kathleen Kennedy - Marketing Faculty/Researcher, The University of Akron
Sandra Pickering - Founding Partner, opento
Maarten Boksem - Associate Professor, Rotterdam School of Management
Barbara Marshall - Founder/Director, Paper Hill Marketing

Organized by the NMSBA

neuromarketing world forum

The latest human behavior insights in the context of today's business world.
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See you next year in Singapore! (March 7-9, 2018) 

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