Corey Yeo (Symrise)

Symrise is one of the world's most successful manufacturers of fragrances, flavors and cosmetic ingredients. You may be surprised to learn that people interact with their products on average 20-30 times per day. From the minty freshness in your toothpaste, to the spark of special scent that makes your favorite perfume irresistible. Whether it’s in the food you eat, the beverages you drink, or the treats you give to your pet the company’s footprint reaches wider than you may have thought. The language of smell, touch and taste seems to lend itself perfectly to neuromarketing. Corey Yeo, Consumer & Marketing Insights Director at Symrise Scent & Care, Asia Pacific, shares his insights.
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Nic Huiskes (Randstad Group)

Nic Huiskes is Head of Marketing Intelligence at Randstad Group the Netherlands. Randstad is a global leader in the HR services industry, specialized in solutions in the field of (flexible) work and HR services. Nic’s interest in Neuromarketing has spilled over to the company he works for.
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Binanti Cuzner (Butlin's)

Binanti Cuzner has a pioneering background in shopper research having worked at Fifth Dimension, Kantar Retail, Tesco, Pernod Ricard UK and Mars. She enjoys experimenting with new methodologies to understand and unlock shopper engagement within the retail environment. Having completed several large neuromarketing studies, she feels that neuroscience is the ultimate tool to prove or disprove hypotheses. Exploring the overlap of shopper insight with hospitality, Binanti is currently Head of Guest Insight at Butlin's, a British seaside resort operator and heritage brand.
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