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The Impact of Consumer Neuroscience on Agencies and the Creative Development Process

Friday, March 31 15:00

Two emerging trends herald a profound change in insight generation and its application to marketing and creative agencies. Firstly, latest technology newly offers a more accessible and intuitive way for agencies to neuro test-n-learn creative solutions throughout the development process. Secondly, the agency world is awakening to the commercial advantages of harnessing, customizing and embedding neuro-capabilities into their everyday processes. 

15 years since the advent of consumer neuroscience, agencies have only recently begun to sit up and take notice of the tremendous competitive and commercial opportunities in embracing it. Prior to this, their interest was altogether more circumspect and typically client-led rather than self-propelled!

Thom Noble, NeuroStrata’s Founder, highlights how the newest online neuro-tools lend themselves perfectly to the prevailing, agile, continual developmental enhancement. He explains how increasing automation of blended and integrated multi-modal tools are providing new combinations and frameworks that are stretching neuro into exciting, innovative  and experiential areas for testing and optimization.

Audience Take Aways

- How and why more enlightened creative teams are fundamentally re-appraising the value of more science-based research - now seeing it as a tool for enhancement- not an unwelcome, client-enforced barrier to overcome.

- Insight into different approaches for  leveraging competitive & commercial advantage through adopting neuro-capabilities

- Practical examples of customized, agile, online frameworks and neuro-applications designed to deliver creative optimization

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See you next year in Singapore! (March 7-9, 2018) 

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