How Creative Drive Sales
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Predicting How Creative Drive Sales

Friday March 31, 2017, 11:00

In this presentation Carl Marci will share detailed results from a recent, groundbreaking study that provides compelling support for the value of consumer neuroscience approaches to evaluated advertising creative. In alignment with this year’s conference theme, he connects the dots between laboratory measurement and market outcomes in a project of unprecedented scope that was conducted in collaboration between Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and the US broadcast network CBS.

Neuroscience data were collected during laboratory based exposure to almost 60 television commercials for CPG brands, including a total of almost 1000 test participants. The laboratory data collected for each commercial included whole-head EEG based measures of memory activation, emotional motivation, and attention, bio-metric (skin conductance and heart rate) based emotional processing, and facial coding of expressed emotion. Online surveys were also conducted with thousands of additional participants to capture traditional survey-based measures of ad effectiveness from the same set of ads, including measures of likability, purchase intent, memorability, etc. 

Ongoing efforts to model the relationship between “in-the-moment” responses to commercials provided by the neuroscience-based measures and the single-source measurements of the retail sales lift is providing the strongest test to date of the degree to which creative quality drives advertising ROI.

Audience take-aways:

- Compare the effectiveness of the neuro-measures with actual sales
- Understanding the different measures for memory activation, emotional motivation, and attention, emotional processing, and expressed emotion

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See you next year in Singapore! (March 7-9, 2018) 

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