Case Study: Globo
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Case study: Neuroscience & the Brazilian Passion for Football

Friday, March 31, 11:30

Football is a world passion and Globo is responsible for broadcast almost every championship in Brazil. Using neuroscience methods the aim of the case study was to develop innovative sponsorship formats that were able to effectively engage the audience, generating better results to sponsors. This research allowed Globo (represented by Ricardo Esturaro) to improve the quality of its sponsorship strategies and build scientific evidences for the effectiveness of its advertising formats.

Applying neuroscientific methods, Forebrain (represented by Billy Nascimento) tested different advertising formats during a series of football matches. Using a naturalistic approach, 180 participants were monitored by EEG and eye-tracking while watching a compact version of a football game. In each match, different advertising formats were presented and neuro and visual indices were used to calculate the performance of each format.

The analysis of different matches allowed the construction of most robust insights into the effectiveness of the sports sponsorship formats. Furthermore, the study allowed the development of directions used for improving the formats inserted during matches, contributing to a greater impact on the viewer. This is an unprecedented study in Brazil, that clearly shows 

Audience take-aways:

- How the application of neuroscience methods potentiates TV broadcast’s marketing strategies
- Which measures (consumer’s attention engagement, memory encoding and motivation) matter in TV and sponsorship formats

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See you next year in Singapore! (March 7-9, 2018) 

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