March 31 - Day 2
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Connecting Shopper-Motivation with Applied Neuroscience
- From what's effective, to why it is effective
- Better shopper insights with combining neurophysiological data with motivational tendencies
Benny Briesemeister, Founder and CEO, Neurospective
Case Study: Neuromarketing to Test Semiotics for 'Imaginarium Stores'
- Improving the shopper experiences with combining indoor localization, mobile biometrics and eye-tracker technology
- How Imaginarium (educational toys & games) applied this in their stores
Javier Minguez, Lead Investigator Neurotechnology Research Group, University of Zaragoza
Co-founder of BitBrain Technologies
Coffee break

Predicting How Creative Drive Sales
- Evaluating advertising creative by connecting the dots between lab research and sales data
- Combining EEG, biometric and facial coding, survey results and purchase data from 90 million households to compare effectiveness of the measures with actual sales
Carl Marci, Chief Neuroscientist, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience
11:30Case study: Neuroscience & the Brazilian Passion for Football
- How Globo improved the quality of their sponsorship strategy with neuroscience methods
- The development of innovative sponsorship formats to reach the fans' hearts
Ricardo Esturaro, Chief Marketing Officer, Globo
Billy Nascimento, Co-founder, co-CEO of Forebrain
Predicting Market Level Responses to TV Shows
- How different neuromarketing techniques relate to each other and conventional research
- Predicting social media buzz through a combination of moment to moment viewer ratings of a popular TV show with EEG
- Explaining media effectiveness by combining market data wiwth EEG, fMRI and eye-tracking
Roeland Dietvorst, Scientific Director, Alpha.One

13:30Neuromarketing in B2B
- How to reduce Business Customers’ tiredness when dealing with purchasing information
- Practical and tested methods to explain your services and products in B2B 
Lluis Martinez-­Ribes, Associate Professor at ESADE Business School / Partner & co-Founder, m+f=!
Consumer Neuroscience in the Public Interest Sector
- Improving the efforts of NGOs' social impact messaging with a combination of EEG, eye-tracking, biometrics, facial action coding, and self-report techniques
- Validation of the results with analyzes of dozens of social campaigns
- Best practices and tips from a wide arrange of social cause marketing (like reducing food waste, reducing gun violence, poverty, hunger and social justice)
Michael E. Smith, Vice President, Consumer Neuroscience Solutions, Nielsen
Coffee break

15:00Significant Changes in Agencies' Creative Development Processes
- Test-n-learn automated neuro-tools for fast, affordable insights
- Competitive and commercial advantages of embedding neuro into everyday processes
Thom Noble, Founder NeuroStrata
15:30Case Study: Sex? I'd rather Have a Cup of Tea!
Connecting the Dots between Science, Agency Work and Industry

- Evaluating tea packaging design with the help of fMRI
- Gaining new markets without losing old ones
Gesa Lischka, Co-Founder, Kochstrasse
16:00The Science of Knowing What Economists are Wrong About
A kind of narrow logic has acquired the status of a religion in Western business and government culture. But quite often it holds a dangerous monopoly on policy-making and business decision-making. If we start to understand the (often bizarre and unrealistic) assumptions on which our idea of rationality rests, and selectively reject them, far more interesting and creative solutions to problems will rapidly present themselves.
Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, O&M Group UK
16:45Announcement of next year's destination up and networking drinks

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