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Neuroscience-inspired Design
From academic neuromarketing to commercially-relevant research

Thursday March 30 2017, 16:30

Companies and organizations the world over wish to understand, predict, and ultimately to change, the behavior of those whom they interact with, advise, or else provide services for: be it the accident-prone driver out on the roads, the shopper bombarded by a myriad of alternative products on the supermarket shelf, or the growing proportion of the population who are clinically obese. 

The hope is that by understanding more about the mind, using recent advances in neuroscience, more effective interventions will be designed. But just what insights can a neuroscience-inspired approach offer over-and-above more traditional, not to mention contemporary, behavioral methods?

In this talk, Charles Spence will cover the status of neuromarketing today, from a scientific perspective. The utility of the neuroscience-inspired approach is illustrated with a number of concrete real-world examples. Practical challenges with commercial neuromarketing research, including the cost, timing, and the limited ecological validity of the situations in which people are typically tested are also discussed. In this talk, Spence will highlight a number of the key challenges associated with translating academic neuroscience research into commercial neuromarketing applications.

Audience takeaways:

- Learning the challenges of neuromarketing in today's world
- Understanding the concept of 'neuroscience-inspired design', including practical examples

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See you next year in Singapore! (March 7-9, 2018) 

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