The Power of Fragrance 
Do formal characteristics of fragrance affect the activation level and cognition?

Fr. March 9 14:45 'The Glass House'

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Sense of smell has always played a starring role in perception. Not just where taste is concerned but also, as a result of conditioning, how many other various stimuli are perceived. Thanks to physiology it’s known that some stimuli, including those relating to scent, may cause a body to react in several ways. To study the perception as well as the response of the body to certain smells, two dimensions were created: relax-activation and positive-negative reception to a stimulus. 

Tomasz Soluch, Research Director of the Institute of Sensory Analysis, will discuss how they compared various methods of physiological measurements and describe the dimensions they uncovered from a multidimensional point of view. To analyze human reaction, Soluch made use of fMRI, EEG, GSR and olfactometers.

They will also talk about how they put significant effort into keeping the psychological variables in check; the respondents’ subjective assessment.

Audience takeaways: 

- Learn more about fragrance perception
- Gain a clearer understanding as to why a body reacts in certain ways to certain smells

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