Cross-cultural Marketing in Australia
Neuroscience & Storytelling in TV Commercials

Th. March 9, 9:15 AM 'The Glass House'

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This research used neuroscience to look at how Australian and Chinese-born participants react to TV commercials, and what those differences could mean for brand storytelling in a cross-cultural context. Dentsu Mitchell Media & Neuro-Insight evaluated a cross-section of iconic Australian television commercials with varying cultural themes. The goal was to reveal how a consumer’s cultural background can influence the way they respond to marketing messages.

Data from the participants’ eye movement and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) showed which group was quicker at taking in the background information and which group preferred to pay attention to the objects within the visual field. 

David Hearn will discuss his team’s findings during this experiment, focusing on the fact that cultural diversity in modern consumer markets has become a key planning consideration at every level of an organization. David will also explain how new evidence suggests that cultural sensitivity might be more important under certain circumstances than in others. From community groups to federal governments, and from local traders to multi-national corporations. Advertisers face a significant challenge; they need to appeal to a mass-market audience while still ensuring personalization and, to whatever degree, cultural sensitivity.

Audience takeaways:
- Learn how combining EEG and eye-tracking can unleash powerful insights into 2D communication
- See how neuroscience tools can give consumer-driven insights to help develop effective in-store promotions

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