Neuromarketing World Forum - Day 2 (2018 edition)
09:15Neuroscience & TV Commercials: Cross-Cultural Marketing in Australia
- Discover how diverse groups respond to advertising
- Find out how brief TV advertising cues can drive different responses
- Gain a deeper understanding about how brand memories work
David Hearn, Head of Communications Design, Dentsu Mitchell
09:45 Overview of Recent Global Developments the Field Neuromarketing Today
Elissa Moses based on the latest GRIT (GreenBook Research Industry Trends)

Stage, Cinema and Virtual Reality Compared
- How a play can be experienced in alternative media
- The impact of channel context to viewers' emotions
Elissa Moses, CEO, Neuro and Behavior Science, IPSOS
10:30Coffee break
Improving Advertising Effects
11:00Bridging the Methods Gap in Understanding Advertising Effects on Social Media and Television
- Exploring reliability of GSR, EEG, and IAT for custom mobile research
- Challenges and future work in understanding differences between TV and mobile
Julia Trabulsi, Researcher, Facebook Media Lab
11:45The Effectiveness of 6-Second Video Ads
- What a 6-second video advertisement can do 
- Discover the most recent findings on the effectiveness of 6-second videos
- Become enabled to make video content decisions with confidence
Peter Haslett, Head of Client Development, Realeyes
12:15Music and the Consumer's Mind
- Latest research on music and marketing
- Optimizing music for video ads
Bradley Vines, Director, Neuroscience Europe, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience
12:45Lunch break
Neuromarketing & Shopper Behavior
13:45Fancy Stores: Why They Evoke Shopper Desire
- How brain scanning uncovers the neural basis of individual shopper behavior
- Gain insights as to why consumers choose a hedonic or utilitarian retail setting
Roeland Dietvorst, Co-Founder and Scientific Director, Alpha.One
14:15The Impact of Room Size in Retail
- Behavioral and neural responses to shopping in different shaped rooms
- Room size effects on impulsive purchases, high-calorie foods and errors in cognitive tasks
Arunika Pillay, Research Assistant, Culture Science Institute Nanyan Technology University
14:45 The Power of Fragrance: Its Effect on Activation Level and Cognition
- Learn how specific smells factor in to marketing
- Find out more about relax-activation and positive-negative reception
- Discover which methods work best to analyze human reaction to fragrance
Tomasz Soluch, Research Director, Institute of Sensory Analysis (ISA)
15:15Coffee break
Predicting and Forecasting
15:45 Using fNIRS to Predict Purchase Decision-Making Behavior
- Gain knowledge about how to predict purchasing decisions
- Learn what happens in the brain when making purchasing decisions
- See how the use of fNIRS technology can further the fields of neuroeconomics and neuromarketing
Yener Girişken, CEO, ThinkNeuro
16:15"Neuroforecasting”: Evidence, Mechanism, and Implications
- Latest academic research in the area of neuroforecasting.
- Implications for practitioners
Vinod Venkatraman, Assistant Professor in Marketing, and Associate Director of the Center for Neural Decision Making at the Fox School of Business, Temple University
16:45Wrap-up, announcement of 2019 destination and networking drinks
The Neuromarketing World Forum travels around the globe. At the end of Singapore's event, Carla Nagel will announce the destination of the 2019 edition.