Minimum Standards for a Proper Neuromarketing Practice
Th. March 8 15:30 AM 'The Glass House'

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During this session, Dr. Duane Varan will lead a discussion about the “promise” and the “peril” of neuromarketing. In this instance promise refers to the first published research that linked neuromarketing measures to sales behavior. Peril is all about re-examining data from NeuroStandards initiatives to demonstrate how there was no common truth among vendors on neuromarketing effects. 

Dr. Varan will point out various insights for improving neuromarketing practices, mostly based on peer-reviewed research and MediaScience’s experiences in conducting neuromarketing research for clients. The main goal during this session is to encourage neuromarketing researchers to at least meet the minimum standards typically expected for credible peer-reviewed publications - even where the research is commercial with no such publication outlet. This, at least, then provides a common base standard for our industry.

Audience takeaways: 

- Gain practical skills that you can apply to your own research
- Explore a specific approach to setting minimum scientific standards for your research
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