Generating Brand Content Through Neuroscience
Th. March 8 14:00 AM 'The Glass House'

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Generating unique brand content can be a struggle for brands as the desire to stand out among the clutter becomes more challenging. Yet there is often a big gap between scientific institutions and commercial translation. 

In this session Dr. Andy Myers will present a unique business case with UK's National Trust that used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). 

National Trust (a charity looking after nation’s heritage like nature, pubs and art collections) wanted to create effective brand content around the theme of topophilia (the affective bond between people and place)

Dr. Myers will discuss how he used a region of interest (ROI) based analysis to identify regions of the brain established in literature that are known to be involved in emotional processing (for example the amygdala & mPFC). He will show how he investigated the response these regions had to images of meaningful places and objects versus common places and objects. And eventually how this was translated into stand-out brand content.

Audience takeaways: 

- Creating new and innovative brand content with fMRI
- Bridging the gap between science, insights, and activation
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