Best Practices for Building Emotional Attachment
Th. March 8 13:15 'The Glass House'

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How do you translate the system 1 and 2 principle* into effective creative work?

Today’s advertising-weary customers don’t just want quality products, they want to align with brands that match their own very personal values and beliefs. This means creative strategies are evolving. Breakthrough marketers are designing messaging specifically targeted to light up the emotional centers of the brain. Ads that were previously optimized for an intellectual experience are giving way to those aimed squarely at instinctual motivators.

In this example-packed session, emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell shares the results of a new study on emotional engagement effectiveness. You will learn the core emotional motivators that work best and specific techniques that drive emotional engagement. Using dozens of best-in-class examples, he reveals the ingenious emotional tactics big brands are using to turn complacent customers into passionate groupies.

Audience takeaways:

- Gain knowledge about the emotional marketing
- Learn about the appropriate emotions along with common claims in branding
- Review different type of emotional marketing attempts in advertising

* System 1 and System 2 are two distinct modes of decision making:
- System 1 is an automatic, fast and often unconscious way of thinking. It is autonomous and efficient, requiring little energy or attention, but is prone to biases and systematic errors.
- System 2 is an effortful, slow and controlled way of thinking. It requires energy and can’t work without attention but, once engaged, it has the ability to filter the instincts of System 1[source: Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman, 2011]

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