Neuromarketing World Forum - Day 1 (2018 edition)
Welcome in Singapore!
09:15What (Neuro)Marketers Need to Know about Asia and the Asian brain
- The different aspects of the Asian market research challenge 
- Cultural differences in how consumers perceive and understand the world
- Brain differences that affect neuromarketing findings
Gemma Calvert, Professor of Neuromarketing, Nanyang Business School, NTU, Singapore
09:45How the Brains of Thai Shoppers Respond to Promotions
- Learn how neuroscience tools can help you develop effective in-store promotions
- Understand how eye-tracking can help uncover shopper visual focus
- Gain insights into how EEG can help identify shoppers’ reactions
Ramanathan Vythilingam, Senior CMI Manager, Unilever &
Satoshi Tsujimoto, Director and Neuroscientist, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience
10:15The Neuroscience of Creativity: Two Business Cases
- How little things can have a huge impact on the bottom line
- The relation of actual changes made to advertising in relation to tangible business benefits (revenue, consumer leads)
Richard Silberstein, Chairman, Neuro-Insight
10:45Coffee break
Theories on Measuring Emotions
11:15Natural Kinds or Conceptual Constructions: Determining Emotion Measurement
- Learn about the existing differences in emotion theory
- Develop a deeper understanding about emotions
- Choose the approach of emotion measurements that is consistent with the theory that applies
Paul Conner, Founder & CEO, Emotive Analytics
11:45EEG-Based Emotion Recognition Algorithm
- Learn how to understand the customer experience
- Discover how emotions are used to assess advertising stimuli
- Find out how potential customers experience emotional stimulants
Natalia Galkina, Founder, stakeholder and CEO of NeuroTrend JSC
12:15Lunch break
Consumer Experience and Emotions in Practice
13:15 Best Practices for Building Emotional Attachment
- Understand the core emotional motivators that drive emotional engagement
- Learn the ingenious emotional tactics big brands are using to turn complacent customers into passionate groupies
- Get dozens of best-in-class examples
Graeme Newell,  President, 602 communications
14:00 Generating Brand Content Through Science
- Find out how neuroscience can help you generate engaging, more focused content for your brand
- Learn how a key piece of fMRI research was used to understand how people are emotionally connected to places and how this was used to build exciting brand content
Andy Myers, Director, Walnut Unlimited
14:30Coffee break
The Brain on Branding
15:00Consumer Neuroscience 2.0: From Brain Activity to Psychological Concepts
- Improving the predictability of human behavior with a brand new approach to modelling using fMRI datasets
- How high-level psychological concepts on consumer-brand relationships such as “reliability” and “friendly”, can be reliable measured using BOLD-MRI
- Applications of the new model in practice
Andries van der Leij, Head of R&D, Neurensics International
15:30Neuromarketing Promises and Perils: Minimum Standards for Proper Practice
- Practical skills that you can apply to your own research
- Explore a specific approach to setting minimum scientific standards for your research
- Be better positioned to explain to your clients how your research is meeting such scientific standards
Duane Varan, CEO, MediaScience
16:00Neuromarketing Exhibition: Find the Right Vendors
Also open for 'exhibition only' delegates
Exhibition & networking drinks
16:15Neuromarketing World Forum EXPO PROGRAM
Also open for 'exhibition only' delegates
Latest technologies and innovation in neuromarketing
Exhibition and networking drinks
18:45 End of the day
19:30Conference Dinner
Lovely cocktail dinner at the famous rooftop terrace "LANTERN" of The Fullerton Bay. Wine and dine while mingling with old and new friends with a breathtaking view on Singapore's Marina Bay.