EXPO PROGRAM (2018 edition)
Exhibition, Talks on Innovation and Networking Drinks
16:30-16:45Consumer Neuroscience in Developing Markets: Insights into Africa
Context is key. Contextually relevant practice which includes: research focus, study design, reporting of results and methodological barriers. Challenges and Limitations of Consumer Neuroscience technology and methodology in developing markets.
Quick case study example to reflect the above principles 
David Rosenstein, Co- founder & Director, NeuralSense
Bringing Neuroscience To Natural Settings
- Scientifically validated metrics building industry standards.
- Neuroscience applied: from robots and VR to reading the mail
- The consumer journey under a microscope
Mike Storm, COO, Neurons Inc.
Automated Neuromarketing: Opportunities For Business
- Why neuromarketing is becoming something like Google Analytics for website owners and marketeers.
- How and why to use several Neuromarketing Technologies at once.
- Start conducting neuromarketing project within several hours.
Dmitry Gaiduk, CEO, CoolTool Inc.
Optimizing the Neuromarketing Lab
- Recording great physiology data
- Integrating eye-tracking, subject video and facial expressions with physiology
- Getting meaningful data for decision makers
Frazer Findlay, CEO, BIOPAC

The Role of Neuroscience in Sensory Testing
-  Aroma testing - is a perfect application for neuroscience tools.
-  The use of galvanic skin response
-   "Next generation" of neuroscience-based Sensory Testing
Brendan Murray, VP of Client Services, iMotions
The Power of Emotional Advertising
- Impact of psychological responses on brand metrics sales and memorability
- Insights into a new methodology for understanding how an audience's cultural dimensions impacts psychological response to messages, themes and ads
Phil Townend, COO APAC, Unruly
Neuromarketing by NIRS
- Principle of NIRS Technology
- Neuro Marketing Examples: CM Evaluation & Train Ride Evaluation
- Other usage Examples: Dementia Prevention & Stress Coping
Kiyoshi Hasegawa, CEO, NeU Corporation