How do you create more relevant messages, truly memorable content, and campaigns that stand out in a world of sameness?

In today’s content-driven world, brands and advertisers are looking to make a difference - to build human connection and loyalty. But wouldn’t storytelling, hyper-personalization, and influencer marketing be easier if you had a better understanding of attention, human emotion, and memory?

Against this backdrop of marketing humanization, the NMSBA presents the 9th Neuromarketing World Forum, on April 1-3, 2020, in the City of Ideas – Los Angeles. Join us in this burgeoning ad town, which is fast becoming a modern marketing paradise with a growing combination of tech, content creators, production and agencies

Themed ‘Blending Ads and Entertainment’, the 2020 Neuromarketing World Forum brings you the latest insights from the brain and shows you how to encode the right ideas into your ads and entertainment to make a real difference.

Want to join our fabulous speakers on-stage? Submit your 2020 Neuromarketing World Forum presentation proposal today! Follow the submission guidelines below and submit your proposal together with a five-minute video pitch before September 9, 2019.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to) the latest insights on:

  • Effects of context in content
  • Boosting attention in a content-driven world
  • Emotions and audience engagement
  • The cognitive process in an information-overloaded world
  • Winning advertising strategies with the help of behavioral data
  • Loyalty and the reward system in practice
  • Consumer-brand relationships and how consumers really feel


  • All proposals and presentations must be in English
  • The organization does not pay for travel, hotel or meals for conference speakers
  • Registration fees are waived for conference speakers for the day of the speech

Proposal Guidelines

The proposal consists of a text and a short video (e.g. made with your phone)

Proposal Text

The text should be no longer than 500 words (est. one A4). Within these 500 words, please include:

  • A short bio of the presenter and organization
  • Keyword set: choose a few words that clearly describe the main idea of your work
  • Preferred presentation title
  • Summary / content outline of a max of 75 words and a detailed description
  • Short background on the scientific validity of the idea
  • What the audience can learn
  • Short motivation why the topic is new, exciting and needs to be included on the NMWF agenda

Proposal Video

The video should be no longer than one minute. The suggested presenter pitches the main idea of the presentation to the program committee. In this way we would like to check the presentation skills as well as the main ‘idea’ behind the talk: does it make us crave for more, is the topic cutting-edge and exciting? If the submission is accepted, good quality videos might be used for promoting the conference at a later stage.

Take into account that:

  • The audience will vary in experience and background
  • New and own work and ideas have the preference
  • The format of the conference includes plenary presentations with 25-minute speaker slots and five minutes of Q&A. For the pace of the conference, there is a strong preference for solo speakers. If the submission suggests a duo presentation, please add the reasons why you think this presentation cannot be done by one presenter.
  • There is a fine for using pictures of icebergs as a metaphor for conscious and subconscious decision making ;-)

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The program committee will evaluate and select proposals according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of Submission: All proposals must have clear objectives and a detailed description of the proposed content. Priority will be given to proposals where speakers and presentation titles are fully identified, where original data or novel work will be presented and where the broad debate will be encouraged.
  • News Value: Proposals focusing on "hot" topics in neuromarketing, behavioral economics, and consumer neuroscience have a preference.
  • Proof of Presentation Skills: The program committee will review the videos and will do everything they can to check the presentation skills of the proposed presenter. 

The 2020 Program Committee of the Neuromarketing World Forum consists of the following individuals:

Christo Boshoff, Professor, Dep. of Business Management at Stellenbosch University
Dahee Kim
, Enterprise Account Executive at Uber
Jacob Lyng Wieland, Research Manager, BBC
Janet Gallent
, SVP NBC Consumer Insights and Innovation Research at NBCUniversal
Jessica Southard
, Senior Manager, Consumer and Market Insights at Mars
Leon Zurawicki
, Professor in Marketing at UMASS
Michael E. Smith
, Principal Scientist and Founder at Adaptation Research
Siddhesh Tiwatne
, Head Of Organic Search at Resident Home


The deadline for submissions is September 9, 2019, after which the program committee will review all proposals. All submitters will be notified about the status of their proposal by the beginning of November. 

Please send your proposal (text and a downloadable version of the video) before  September 9, 2019, to

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