Sensates on the Skin: a Touchy Subject
Friday, April 3 - Main Stage

Over the years, there’s been much talk about the effectiveness of visual stimuli. We’ve touched on fragrances and even imagined how a taste sounds. This year, Jonathan Jacobs takes a closer look at sensory stimuli (the sense of touch) and the importance of how a product feels on the skin in building a connection with the consumer.

Jonathan presents a groundbreaking consumer neuroscience study performed in China, evaluating the acceptance of a cream containing an ingredient that produces a warming effect a few minutes after application to the skin. Did consumers warm to the product? Join Jonathan, and find out!

What the audience can learn:
- How Symrise concurrently performed EEG, GSR, and eye-tracking to evaluate the consumer response to sensory stimuli in a cosmetic product
-  Insights into the results of the study, explanations for these findings, and implications for product development