Music Neuroscience to Capture Consumer Attention
Friday, April 3 - Main Stage

Elite athletes use music to create the right mood. Managers agree that music makes staff and customers happy. And: a significant body of scientific research demonstrates the effects of music on the brain. Yet, the private and public sectors have been slow to pick up on music neuroscience principles and embed them as standard practice – as decision-makers are often unaware of the facts on music neuroscience.

Julia Jones has been studying this rapidly growing field since the early ‘90s. She spent 25 years applying music neuroscience to help clients like the Mayor of London and the National Health Service to engage consumers and employees. And now she shares her key insights, based on her new book ‘The Music Diet’ so you, too, can leverage the power of music neuroscience.

What the audience can learn:
- How neurochemical responses to music drive emotion and memory
- How you can enhance the experience and drive consumer engagement by employing music in a more sophisticated way
- Examples of best practices