Breaking the 10-Second Attention Span Barrier
Friday, April 3 - Main Stage

It’s official: humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish. With only 10 to 20 seconds to make a strong impression, it’s harder than ever to capture consumer’s attention and pique interest in your brand. How do you encourage people to stay on your website longer and hopefully, convert?

Hope Horner shares actionable tactics to capitalize on those valuable 10 seconds, and shows you how to harness a deliberate plan of action. Join Hope and get empowered to experiment with content that holds attention, establishes trust, and increases your page’s shareability!

What the audience can learn:
- Actionable tactics on harnessing the power of psychology in content creation
- An in-depth understanding of how to capture the viewer’s attention in 2020
- Get inspired to experiment with content that shows viewers what they’re looking for