Validating Neuro Indicators on Media Touchpoints
Thursday, April 2 - Main Stage

To what extent can neuro data and implicit indicators predict real-world sales? Jacques Blanchard, Jeff Bander, and Michael Schiessl present a huge validation study where consumers experienced various media touchpoints in a cluttered context, such as TV, online media, and print, as well as pack and shelf experience.

To investigate how to link neuro, implicit, and explicit data with real-world sales, researchers assessed several neuro techniques: EEG, EDA, facial expression tracking, eye-tracking, reaction time, questionnaires, and consumer choice. Where does neuro and implicit make a difference? Join Jacques, Jeff, and Michael, and find out.

What the audience can learn:
-Results of a new study on neuro’s effectiveness in predicting sales
- Fresh business insights about the importance of user experience
- Why it’s important to combine and synchronize various media touchpoints