The Branded (Content) Brain
Thursday, April 2 - Main Stage

Blending advertising and entertainment is essential in today’s media landscape. Consumers are avoiding advertising like never before, and in response, publishers and advertisers have had to pivot, mainly to branded content (an industry estimated to reach $400 billion globally by 2021). How do we understand and maximize the value of integrating brands in entertainment?

Shauna Holton, Director at Corus Entertainment (a Canadian mass media and broadcasting company) and Kevin Keane (Brainsights) share learnings of their integrated brand partnership; how they have used EEG and eye-tracking to develop a better understanding of the consumer response to brand integrations in TV. Join Shauna and Kevin to learn how to navigate the future of media and advertising, and how to quantify the value of branded content.

What the audience can learn:
- How to strike the best balance between advertising and audience objectives
- What neuroscience tells us about creating highly impactful branded entertainment