In Neuro We Trust? Neuro’s Reliability in Testing Digital Ads
Thursday, April 2 - Main Stage

As digital advertising has risen to prominence, companies are increasingly relying on neuroscience to connect with consumers. With any research – but especially with research that informs such high-stakes decisions – it’s important to know how reliable our measures are. How certain can we be that our test results are not simply statistical noise?

Brendan Murray and Julia Trabulsi answer exactly that question. Exploring an easy, open-source tool to help researchers test the reliability of their results, they remove some of the mystique surrounding the interpretation of neuromarketing data. Join Brendan and Julia, to learn new ways of thinking about your research and to make sure you are making the best advertising decisions possible!

What the audience can learn:
- The importance of understanding how reliable your data is
- How to think about – and interpret – data differently
- How to avoid costly incorrect decisions in ad testing