Implicit Reaction Time Testing with Photos
Thursday, April 2 - Main Stage

Elissa Moses
presents a new advancement in Implicit Association Testing (IAT): Pictorial Implicit Association Testing (PIAT). Two years in the making, and unlike anything else, PIAT leverages a photo deck of over 2,000 images, corresponding to 32 emotions, to enable rich emotional profiling of associations with brands, concepts, and even political candidates.

PIAT has already been applied across several CPG categories, retail, and services, as well as public policy and political parties. Join Elissa to hear the results of two case studies, and to learn how PIAT’s deep, discriminating and validated results can help you understand emotions and feelings in a concrete, comparable way, across primes or stimuli.

What the audience can learn:
- The advantages PIAT offers to the industry
- Qualitative and quantitative applications of PIAT (including two case studies)
- How you can get access to the method