Creating Brain-Friendly Messages to Persuade Anyone
Thursday, April 2 - Main Stage

What if you could apply a scientific way to persuade more effectively? With NeuroMap, a new persuasion theory informed by neuroscience, that might just be possible. Join Christophe Morin, who has delivered thousands of talks on neuromarketing and persuasion, and learn more about this new scientific model, unveiled in his recent book β€˜The Persuasion Code.’

Learn how Christophe uses neuroscience principles to predict and explain the effect of messages on our brains. Find out more about the role of attention, emotions, and cognitive effort in predicting audience engagement, and discover how you can create persuasive, brain-friendly messages effectively.

What the audience can learn:
- How two competing brain systems manage our response to persuasive messages
- The elements and catalysts that explain the chemistry of persuasion
- A practical approach in embedding neuroscience in your marketing and sales