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Pre-Conference workshop

Day 1

Today's Role of Neuromarketing in Marketing Research 
Andy Smith, President of the NMSBA, Dir. Marketing Research at Hershey's
The New Neuro is Integrated Neuro
Cristina de Balanzó, Founder and Main Nut of Walnut Unlimited
Maximizing Media Impact by Combining Digital and Direct Mail
Elissa Moses, CEO Ipsos Neuro & Behavioral Science Center
Sounds Delicious!
Steve Keller, CEO iV
What do Marketing Actions and Placebo Pills Have in Common? 
The Neurobiology of Why (good) Marketing works
Hilke Plassmann, Associate Professor of Marketing, INSEAD 
Standout and Appeal: Using Visual Attention to Optimize Designs
Tim Holmes, Technical Director, Acuity Intelligence, Honorary Research Associate, Royal Holloway, University of London
Case Study: Ad Optimization for Coca-Cola
- Combining quantitative EEG, biometrics, facial coding, eye-tracking and self-reporting
Adam Palenicek, Senior Insights Manager, Coca-Cola Western Europe
Bradley Vines, Director of Neuroscience Europe
Case study: Secrets of Secret
- The 'what' and the 'why' behind the failure of a product launch campaign
Rafał Ohme, Founder Neurohm
From Academic Neuromarketing to Commercially Relevant Research
- Challenges of neuromarketing today
Charles Spence, Head of the Cross-modal Research Laboratory at the Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University

Day 2

Connecting Shopper-Motivation with Applied Neuroscience
Benny Briesemeister, Founder and CEO, Neurospective
Case Study: Neuromarketing to Test Semiotics for 'Imaginarium Stores'
Javier Minguez, Lead Investigator Neurotechnology Research Group, University of Zaragoza
Co-founder of BitBrain Technologies
Predicting Market Level Responses to TV Shows
How different neuromarketing techniques relate to each other and conventional research
Roeland Dietvorst, Scientific Director, Alpha.One
Neuromarketing in B2B
How to reduce Business Customers’ tiredness when dealing with purchasing information
Lluis Martinez-­Ribes, Associate Professor at ESADE Business School / Partner & co-Founder, m+f=!
Consumer Neuroscience in the Public Interest Sector
Improving the efforts of NGOs' social impact messaging with a combination of EEG, eye-tracking, biometrics, facial action coding, and self-report techniques
Michael E. Smith, Vice President, Consumer Neuroscience Solutions, Nielsen
Significant Changes in Agencies' Creative Development Processes
Test-n-learn automated neuro-tools for fast, affordable insights
Thom Noble, Founder NeuroStrata
Case Study: Sex? I'd rather Have a Cup of Tea!
Connecting the Dots between Science, Agency Work and Industry

Evaluating tea packaging design with the help of fMRI
Gesa Lischka, Co-Founder, Kochstrasse
The Science of Knowing What Economists are Wrong About
Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, O&M Group UK
Hope to see you next year!