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April 4 April 5

THEME: branding, brand attitudes & brand experiences

Status-seeking, Hormones, and Luxury - Diana Derval - 11:00 (Al Baraha Ballroom)

Why are some people chasing the latest golden iPhone or LV bag? The number, distribution, and binding potential of dopamine receptors as well as the levels of testosterone greatly determine our propensity for status-seeking.

Diana Derval measured the influence of prenatal hormones on 25 celebrities involved in fashion, 25 fashonistas, and 25 women less into fashion and luxury, and observed a link between the level of testosterone and the status-seeking behavior, materialized by the type of luxury accessories owned and showcased.

The first findings have been used to decode Grand Optics - the leading optical brand in Middle-East with over 90 outlets - customers' shopping behavior and guide the luxury revamping of the flagship store in the Mall of the Emirates.

Audience takeaways:
- The neuroendocrinological mechanisms underlying status-seeking
- What type of people are ready to spend more on luxury items and why
- How to adapt the brand experience to  customers expectations in the Middle-East area

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April 4 April 5

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