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Revealing Hidden Drivers of Advertising for the Samsung Brand - Richard Silberstein - 12:00 (Al Baraha Ballroom)

Measures of implicit or unconscious brand association have become increasingly popular research tools in consumer research. One such example, the Associative Priming Task (APT) has been used in advertising testing to examine shifts in brand attributes associated with advertising. Typically, these involve participants performing a test of implicit brand association before and after viewing an advertisement. While these tests can identify changes in brand attributes associated with an advertisement as a whole, they cannot identify specific components of the advertising narrative or imagery that drove the changes in key brand attributes.

In this presentation Richard Silberstein demonstrates for the first time how implicit measures can be combined with brain activity measures to yield unique insights into the factors that drive changes in brand attribution and hence advertising effectiveness. Richard will showcase his insights in practice through the Samsung Brand.

Audience takeaways:

- How to combining implicit testing with brain activity measures 
- Better understanding of hidden drivers of ads

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April 4 April 5

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