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April 4 April 5

THEME: imagine the future of design

Neuro in Architecture - Juan Roberto Castro - 09:30 (Al Baraha Ballroom)

How to design an apartment building project for an specific market segment without competing with the other projects already under construction? Juan Roberto Castro researched the mindsets of the specific target audience with the goal to establish brain predominance attached to mindsets, habits, house living spaces preferences, neighbor street and family house games and all kind of priming associations. Juan Roberto Castro applied the outcomes to every graphic and architecture proposal which resulted in a 30% up in sales.

Audience takeaways:

- Learn how neuroscience can be applied in real estate  
- How to apply neuromarketing results into communication materials

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April 4 April 5

Organized by the NMSBA

THANK YOU for attending the Neuromarketing World Forum 2016, it was awesome! Next stop London: save the date! March 29-31, 2017

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