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April 4 April 5


Neuro-Design Optimization for Creative Agencies - Thom Noble & Aaron Reid - 10:00 (Al Baraha Ballroom)

The creative industry around the world  has traditionally endured an uneasy relationship with marketing research. All too often, the results of creative testing are felt to be lacking in ‘intuition' and 'emotional intelligence’. 

The creative industry thus finds it difficult to embrace the rationalized, claimed responses that are reported, and instead view trad research as a 'necessary hurdle' to jump through because the client demands it. However, when it comes to neuromarketing, we are detecting a noticeable trend among the more progressive design, innovation and creative agencies.

We are seeing  the beginning of agency-understanding that the new science-based tools are measuring emotional, non-conscious responses……Exactly the things that they themselves are intuitively attempting to trigger. Far from being the scientific enemy of artistic endeavor, neurotools are potentially the savior! Instead of shackling creativity, neuromarketing can liberate it.  

Thom Noble will talk about the development of white label solutions, used on a daily basis by studios and designers. And how the tools are allowing creatives to test and learn about how to enhance and optimize outputs. He explains how in a number of different ways he is helping agencies turn these new agile capabilities directly into competitive and commercial advantage.

Aaron Reid outlines how and why Sentient’s  approach is ideally suited to agile, Test and Learn white labels of this type.  

Audience takeaways:

- How studios and designers use neuro tools to improve their creative work
- How to apply neuromarketing results into communication materials

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April 4 April 5

Organized by the NMSBA

THANK YOU for attending the Neuromarketing World Forum 2016, it was awesome! Next stop London: save the date! March 29-31, 2017

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