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March 5 March 6

Neuromarketing industry leaders Meeting

The only annual opportunity to discuss important topics with your peers to move the industry forward together. With the Richard Silberstein, Christophe Morin, Elissa Moses, Martin de Munnik, Gemma Calvert, Rafal Ohme, Carla Nagel, Mirjam Broekhoff and Leon Zurawicki.


  • Rotating discussion tables with a variety of topics
  • Meet fellow CEO’s and Industry Leaders from over 30 different countries
  • Discussing industry standards and contribute to the international opinion

Who should attend:

  • CEOs of Neuromarketing Companies 5 FTE, participation subject to approval
  • Local Chairs of the NMSBA

Network Lunch


Welcome & Introduction

Richard Silberstein, Chairman of the NMSBA Board
Carla Nagel, Executive Director of the NMSBA


Round Table Discussions

Delegates can pick two topics in rotation, maximum 10 per table (please indicate your preference on the subscription form) - subject to availability.

  • Corporate Accreditation 
    with Richard Silberstein: Why do we need an accreditation committee? Should your company be accredited?
  • How do you conduct neuromarketing research ethically?
    with Christophe Morin: What are the ethical implications of Neuromarketing? How are adolescents uniquely affected?
  • Fully booked! Bringing Neuroscience Mainstream with Elissa Moses: How to make Neuro top of mind when thinking of Market Research 
  • Fully booked! Commercialization of Neuromarketing Research
    with Martin de Munnik: How do you sell Neuromarketing products to the market? Is there a special way to approach marketing your Neuromarketing services?

  • Topics on Education
    with Gemma Calvert: There is a greater need for Neuromarketing education globally. How do we meet the growing demand?
  • International Cooperation
    with Rafal Ohme: How does international cooperation benefit the industry as a whole? Why is cooperation more beneficial than competition?
  • How to involve more Brands and Marketing practitioners in the neuromarketing community? with Carla Nagel: Generate ideas to inform, educate and engage more brands and marketing practitioners.
  • Knowledge Sharing
    with Mirjam Broekhoff and Leon Zurawicki: Exchange ideas on the benefits of sharing research, insights with peers and discuss the potential of the quarterly Neuromarketing Theory & Practice.
Feedback From all Tables
Combined Cocktails with the Participants of the 'Introduction to Neuromarketing' Seminar
6:00Optional Dinner

March 5 March 6

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