March 7th, 2014

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March 5 March 6

In-depth knowledge for both marketers and Neuromarketing Buyers

This day is of interest for advertisers and marketers alike, as well as consumer insight professionals (and neuromarketing buyers). It gives both sides of business more in-depth insights. 


  • ARF's Neuro 2.0 Project: how does diverse neuro technology correlate with sales prediction?
  • Overview of lessons from neuro that can be applied into marketing and advertising
  • Keynote by Antonio Damasio

PROGRAM March 7, 2014


Welcome by Master of Ceremonies of the Day
Carl Marci, Chief Science Officer, Innerscope Research


ARF Neuro 2.0

* Ad Testing with Multiple Neuro Methods
* Linkage to In-Market Performance

Elissa Moses, EVP Neuroscience and Emotion, IPSOS 


Background on the Project

Mission of the ARF to provide insight and learning for the advertising practitioners to better assess the role of neuro tools in ad evaluation in light of in market results provided by the client sponsor consortium.

Horst Stipp, EVP Global Business Strategy, ARF


Tools and Experimental Design

  • What are the tools an how is the experimental design constructed?
  • Some preliminary top line results
Angelika Dimoka, Director of the Center for Neural Decision Making
Professor, Temple University

Results of the ARF's Neuro 2.0 Project: Do Neuro Methods Predict Ad Response

  • The challenge of modeling the data against in-market results
  • what are the top line indicators

Russell Winer, Chair Marketing Department, Stern School of Business, New York University

Q&A by the Audience


Coffee Break

Alternative Session: Workshop on Online Implicit Consumer Research

9:30-10:30 by Gemma Calvert

Insights from the world’s leading global provider of commercial online implicit studies with the most comprehensive range of tests and a database with over 10 million separate pieces of information collected worldwide. 

  • Learn how to capture vital non-conscious and emotional responses online
  • Case studies reveal  fresh insight on brand positioning, packaging redesign, ad evaluation and sensory & consumer panel testing
  • Live demos and interactive session – tap into your own subconscious to understand how implicit response time testing works 
By the end of the session, you will have a far better idea of the power and versatility of implicit testing, when, why and how you can use it, how long a typical implicit test takes from inception to delivery and the key benefits to your organisation implicit delivers.     

Break out sessions

Choose from two distinct tracks or to switch between individual sessions to suit their interests.


Applying Neuro Insights in Commercial Work

Chair: Pranav Yadav

Methodological Know-How

Chair: Carl Marci


More Effective Marketing Through Neuroscience

  • Perceived Value Redefined
  • Optimizing the path of Purchase
  • From positioning to touch points

Phil Barden, Decode Marketing Ltd.

Bridging the Insight Gap:
The Value of Converging Methods

  • Best way to integrate qualitative and quantitative measures
  • Understanding what consumers relate to by integrating biometric analyses

Abigail Rendin, Olson Zaltman 
Andrew Baron, University of British Columbia


How to get the Most from Neuromarketing Insights

  • What are the right questions to ask vendors?

  • What are the appropriate (and inappropriate) use cases?

  • How should results be communicated to stakeholders?

Stephanie Fried, Discovery Communications 

Path to Validation: 
How to Continuously Bridge Science and Business of Neuromarketing

  • Development of good practice
  • Recent developments in attempts of developing industrial standards

Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, Copenhagen Business School & Neurons, Inc.


Lunch Break


Secrets & Lies:
Unconscious Consumer Motivations

  • Consumers hold contradictory attitudes
  • Consumers hide their motivations and top values
  • Consumers have secret brand crushes and grudges

Chip Walker, Young & Rubicam

How well do neural focus groups predict choice? Evidence from EEG and fMRI

  • fMRI studies show promise in predicting responses
  • Strengths and weaknesses of EEG and fMRI in predicting choice
  • Both methods suggest brain markers are more predictive than self-report data

Ale Smidts, RSM, Erasmus University


Facial coding Cannes Lions
The way to boost ROI of every video campaign

  • What emotional patterns drive success at Cannes?
  • How to deploy those emotions on daily basis to maximize ROI of actual campaigns?

Mihkel Jäätma, Realeyes

Panel: Position of fMRI in Neuromarketing

2:15Coffee Break and Drinks, Pitches and Information Sharing during Neuro Market Place
  • Learn about the newest neuromarketing technologies from the vendors themselves
  • Shop for an appropriate vendor in our interactive marketplace
  • Participate or listen in 5-minute elevator pitches (pitching is subject to availability)

A note to vendors – this is your time to shine. Come equipped with posters that explain your technologies or approaches and pitch prospective new clients.

Learn more >>

Closing Key Notes


The Future of Neuro

  • Where the industry is headed
  • Technology developments that are coming to the field
  • What does the future hold in this hyper growth industry

Caroline Winnett, BrandNeuro


Antonio Damasio, USC College Brain and Creativity Institute

4:45Conference Wrap-Up and Announcement of Next Year's Host City
5:00Farewell cocktail hour

March 5 March 6

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