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Holding Specialist Researchers - HSR - is a brand new business model for Market Research. Its main goal is to reunite specialist researchers in a single major structure regarding them as partners in business.

The greatest benefit to the client is the opportunity to count not only on a majorstructure for technology, infrastructure and investment but also to have the chance to count on senior researchers, experts in their respective fields, and absolutely dedicated and committed to find the best solution for their clients.

Holding Specialist Researcher Brazil represents the third generation of Market Research in Brazil. A major structure and innovative technology (Optima) aimed at offering operational support to all Holding companies, allow Holding’s leaders to focus on their respective businesses therefore dedicating all their time and expertise to serve their clients with excellence.

This single major structure allied to Holding SR’s investment skills support its companies with the necessary structure for the development of great projects.

These are Holding’s members’ core values:

  • To generate KNOWLEDGE
  • INNOVATION (World-wide state-of-the-art Technology and Solutions)
  • TOTAL COMMITMENT to clients
  • STRATEGIC Thinking
  • Understanding EMOTION as the human behavior’s key driver

Holding Specialist Researchers Brazil is composed by a team of professionals and companies that united, each one in their expertise area, represent the ultimate force of the Brazilian research market.

  • Paulo Secches- Officina Sophia Conhecimento Aplicado
  • Renato Trindade Lopes - Bridge Research

  • Naira Maneo - Minds&Hearts

  • Valéria Rodrigues - Officina Sophia Retail

  • Stella Kochen Susskind -Shopper Experience

  • Lucas Pestalozzi -Blend New Research

  • Karina Milare -Reds - Research Designed for Strategy

  • Alejandro Ivanovic -Optima Operações de Pesquisa

06/03 - Neuromarketing Masterclass

"All a marketer should know about the brain in 1 day! " 

07/03 Neuromarketing World Forum (1)

"The only international meeting where scientists, multinationals and neuromarketing industry really mingle!"

08/03 Neuromarketing World Forum (2)

"Better understanding the drive of my consumers is the most valuable learning experience!"