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Buying intentions in supermarkets shown via
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6 important stimuli in sales (Patrick Renvoise):

The future of Neuromarketing (Ale Smidts)

Master of ceremonies: Luiz Campos de Sa Lucas

Luiz Sá Lucas is Technical Director of Ibope Inteligência for Latin America. He was teaching metrics in Marketing and Marketing Research in the Superior School of Advertising and Marketing in Rio de Janeiro. Luiz has published and presented papers and published articles in several countries. He was also the Chairman of the 4th Brazilian Congress of Marketing Research, from ABEP-Brazilian Association of Marketing Research Agencies.

Leon Zurawicki

Leon Zurawicki is Professor, Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. His main areas of research center on the application of neuroscience to the study of consumer behavior. Dr. Zurawicki is an author of four books including “Neuromarketing: Exploring the Brain of the Consumer” (2010) and numerous articles.

Gemma Calvert

Gemma Calvert is the Founder of Neurosense Limited, one of the world's longest established Applied Neuroscience and Neuromarketing companies, and visiting professor at the Nanyang Business School, NTU, Singapore and Fellow of the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight. Her research expertise spans the fields of consumer neuroscience, functional human brain imaging and behavioural psychology.

Pranav Yadav

Pranav Yadav, CEO of Neuro-Insight U.S., is an international innovation evangelist and thought leader dedicated to changing how brands and customers communicate. Pranav’s passion for innovative, consumer-centric metrics originates from the time as Senior Consultant at ReD Associates. Prior to joining ReD, he worked at Goldman Sachs. At Neuro-Insight, Pranav has continued to evangelize for true, accurate understanding of media consumers. 

Jaime Romano

Jaime Romano Micha is a Medical Doctor with a PhD in Clinical Neurophysiology. With over 30 years of practice in the clinical field of learning disabilities, he founded three clinics in Mexico. As a researcher at UCLA and at The MIMH he has been involved in different areas of research: visual memory, attention, aggressive behavior, sleep research, and decision making processes.


Antonio Lavareda, Bachelor of Laws and Journalism, Master in Sociology and a PhD in Political Science (Iuperj). He was professor and coordinator of the Master in Political Science UFPE and visiting researcher at the University of California (Berkeley). He is currently CEO of MCI Strategy (GMT) and Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Social and Economic Policies - IPESPE (Recife). Professor, Graduate in Political Science from UFPE.

Roger Dooley

Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence and the popular blog Neuromarketing, speaks at marketing, sales, advertising, and market research conferences and other events where the audience wants to understand their customers, build stronger brands, and sell more effectively.

Billy Nascimento

Billy E. M. Nascimento graduated in Biomedicine (master and doctorate in Neurophysiology) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He and Dr. Ana Carolina Souza founded Forebrain, a company using neuroscientific knowledge to understand how consumers react to marketing, media and communication. Forebrain Neurotecnologia was the first company in Brazil to develop neuromarketing services, and the only one headed by neuroscientists. 

Elissa Moses

Elissa Moses is Executive Vice President, Neuromarketing and Emotion at IPSOS, one of the top three largest global market research companies. There she enjoys an agnostic role as innovator and provider of NeuroMetrics to better understand consumer emotion and behavior. Read more »

Carl Marci

Carl D. Marci is Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Science Officer of Innerscope Research. He is on faculty at Harvard Medical School, former Director of Social Neuroscience at the Massachusetts General Hospital and past Visiting Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Marci received his M.A. in psychology and philosophy at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar and then completed his M.D. with honors at Harvard Medical School. 

Pedro Calabrez Furtado

Pedro Calabrez Furtado is CEO and co-founder of NeuroVox, a research and consulting company specialized in applied Psychology and Neuroscience. He is undergraduate professor of Psychology, and graduate professor of Applied Neurosciences at ESPM. He founded two graduate-level extension programs: in 2010, Brazil’s first Consumer Neuroscience program, and in 2013, Brazil’s first Human Resource Management Psychology and Neuroscience program. 

Néstor braidot

Néstor Braidot leads the Brain Decision Braidot Centre in Argentina and is visiting professor at the University of Salamanca. Over the last twenty years, he studied and investigated the human brain in relation to management, leadership and marketing. Author of the books: Sácale partido a tu cerebro, Neuromarketing en acción, Neuromarketing, Neuromanagement, Neuroventas, Neuromarketing, neuroeconomía y negocios.

Victor Lamme

Professor Lamme is a full professor of cognitive neuroscience at the department of psychology of the University of Amsterdam. His research focusses entirely on consciousness, with a shift towards studying the phenomenon in human subjects, using EEG, fMRI, TMS and a variety of manipulations.

Christophe Morin

Christophe Morin is the CEO at SalesBrain, the world’s first neuromarketing agency created in 2002 with several offices in the USA and full service offices in Italy, France, UK and Spain. With over 30 years of consumer research experience, Christophe's passion has always been to understand and predict consumer behavior. 

Richard Silberstein

Professor Richard Silberstein holds a Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne in Neurophysiology and a BSc (Hon) majoring in Physics from Monash University. He was the head of the Dept. of Physics at Swinburne University and the foundation director of the Brain Science Institute at Swinburne University.

Alberto Apicella

Alberto Apicella started his neuromarketing company NeuroBioMarketing in 2003, achieving a lot of scientific and selling experience in the field. He performed hundreds of real neuromarketing researches in different scenarios like: TV, Radio advertisement, TV Programs, Point of purchase, Packaging, Pricing, Web sites / usability, Products and neuropolitics. He collaborates with many internationaly companies and universities.

Walter Mucchiut

Walter Mucchiut is a seasoned market research and marketing consultant with over 25 years of regional and international practice. With unique knowledge of the best marketing research practices within several countries Walter is bridging both the academic and commercial worlds from a business-oriented standpoint. He represents the Venezuelan Association for Market Research – AVAI, while being an active member of ESOMAR, MRA, MSPA, CASRO, AMA and the NMBSA.

Maurits Kaptein

Maurits Kaptein is a scientist primarily interested in persuasion and quantitative research methods. He completed his Ph.D. with honors at the Eindhoven University of Technology and fulfilled a visiting scholarship at the CHIMe lab of Stanford University. In his research, he explores the heterogeneity in people’s responses to influence strategies. Maurits is co-founder of PersuasionAPI.

Maria Pocoví

Maria Pocoví is Marketing Manager Emotion Explorer LAB - Neuromarketing & Consumer insight research. 

Rafał Ohme

Rafał Ohme is a professor of psychology, expert in persuasion and unconscious processes. In 1995-1996 he held the Fulbright Scholarship at Kellogg School of Management where he learned advertising.  From 1996 on he visited Department of Psychology at Stanford University, and researched unconscious processing and emotions. 

Carlos Augusto Costa

Carlos Augusto Costa is the Coordinator of the Neuromarketing Laboratory of FGV, where he coordinates neuromarketing projects for a wide range of areas; he is also the Coordinator of the Nucleus of Strategic Planning and Evaluation of Public Policies of FGV Projetos, member of the advisory board of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and coordinator of the City-Citizenship Movement in Recife, Brazil. 

Marcos Antunes

Marcos Antunes has over 25 years of professional practice in the field of Marketing Research and Public Opinion. He worked for well-known agencies in Brazil, including Research International, IBOPE and IPESPE. His focus is on Neuromarketing research. Currently, he is the Technical Coordinator of the Neuromarketing Laboratory of FGV Projetos, in São Paulo – Brazil.

Michał Matukin

Michał Matukin is a social psychologist in cutting-edge market research methods. He is scientific director of Human Mind & Brain - Applied Research Center and a Chairman of the supervisory board of Labiometrics. Matukin led cross-cultural research projects in many countries like US, UK, Australia, Russia, South Affrica and Japan. He’s a member of the European Advertising Academy, the ESC Network and the local chair for the NMSBA in Poland.

Yener Girişken

Dr. Yener Girisken - managing partner, thinkneuro Dr. Yener Girisken holds a Ph.D. from Istanbul University in marketing and a MBA, majoring in marketing, from University of North Carolina Charlotte. Dr. Girisken deals with marketing research for 9 years and neuromarketing research for 4 years.

Neurotalents 2013:

Naomi Sparks Grewal

Naomi is a PhD Candidate at Claremont Graduate University, where her research focuses on the role of hormones in economic decision-making. She currently works as a Research Director at L2 Think Tank. Naomi holds a B.A. in Psychology from Columbia University, an M.A. in Applied Cognitive Psychology from Claremont, and is expected to complete her Ph.D. (with specialization in Neuromarketing) in April of 2013.

Madhvi Sood

Madhvi is doing her masters of international business at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in Singapore. She is currently researching in the area of Neuro-scientific approaches and technology and how it can be used to improve marketing decision making. Her interest in the topic made me choose this topic as my Final International Management Project for her course.

Giovanni Vecchiato

Giovanni achieved his B.A. and M.A. degree in Telecommunication Engineering at University Federico II of Naples. He moved to Rome to attend the Ph.D. course in Neurophysiology at University “Sapienza”. He works for the Dept of Physiology and Pharmacology at “Sapienza” and for the IRCCS Fondazione Santa Lucia at Neuroimaging and BCI Lab. He is currently investigating cognitive and emotional correlates of the EEG with observation of advertisements and emotional pictures.

Your hosts:

Carla Nagel

As the founder and director of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association Carla Nagel stands for an open debate about the field of neuromarketing. Together with the board of directors and enthousiastic team of specialists she is motivated to push the field of neuromarketing to a higher level of professionalism and build a solid bridge between neuroscience and business. 

Marcelo Peruzzo

Marcelo Peruzzo is CEO of IPDOIS neurobusiness in Brazil and the local representative of the NMSBA in Brazil. He advised the last 20 years of neuromarketing, market research, marketing and sales for companies such as Pepsico, O Boticário, Hilton, Petrobras, Givaudan, Nextel, Hsbc and Thyssenkrupp.

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