Rafał Ohme

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Founder of Human Mind Brain Applied Research Center

Rafał Ohme is a professor of psychology, expert in persuasion and unconscious processes. In 1995-1996 he held the Fulbright Scholarship at Kellogg School of Management where he learned advertising.  From 1996 on he visited Department of Psychology at Stanford University, and researched unconscious processing and emotions. He teaches in China at Renmin Univeristy in Beijing and in Poland at Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

In 1997 he founded HUMAN Mind & Brain Applied Research Center, a scientific company to develop new research methods based on reaction times (since 1997) and brain waves (since 2004) analysis.

He is a member of major marketing, psychological and neuroscientific associations, he publishes in top scientific journals.He wrote New Mind of Consumer (in press), Unconscious Affect (2007), Subliminal Facial Information (2003), and trilogy Automaticity (2001, 2003, 2003).

In 2009 he organized the NEUROCONNECTIONS conference – a global annual  meeting to integrate neuromarketing companies and create a platform to exchange ideas and share experience between science and the marketing industry

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