Martin de Munnik

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Founding partner, Neurensics

Since his very first day in the advertising branch, already 25 years ago, Martin has been interested in the functionality of it. Out of all the disciplines that the branch knows, he deepened his interest in building, maintaining and revitalizing of brands.

His wide background and years of passion created him into an inspirational strategic who advises national and international companies about development of profitable branding. His slogan is simple: a brand is goodwill to earn more, often and better upon products or services. And with these brands of the last few years, he proves this proposition.

From Miele (there is no better one) till Phanos (building of welfare). From De Westlandse Zoom (where the nature connects people) till Het Hof van Saksen (exceptional enjoyment). From Daewoo (you have to) till Chevrolet. From Canon (you can) till Ja zeker (yes sure) … de Hypotheker (mortgage). All these brands have met the creativity, innovatively and engagement of this brand thinker who has seen every branch inside for the last 25 years.

His last feat is the establishment of Neurensics, together with one of the world’s most respected professors of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam; Professor doctor Victor Lamme. Neurensics is Europe’s first neuroeconomic research company with the possibility of MRI scanning. This new discipline in economics offers insights into the often inexplicable reasons, motivations and (financial) decisions of humans, by taking a direct look in the living brain. Neurensics uses the fMRI techniques to assist decision-makers and managers in their brand and marketing policies.

Martin also often gives workshops and readings about the brand in our brain and about new neuropsychological insights in consumerism.       

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