CEO Roundtable

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CEO Round Table

3 February 2012 13:30-15:00.

This is an invitation-only informal meeting to discuss the urgent issues in the neuromarketing field.

Professor Richard Silberstein will moderate the session. There will enough flexibility to discuss issues that are raised on the day but not on the agenda.



'Neuromarketing, Challenges and Opportunities'

Topics that could be discussed include:

1.  Public and governmental perceptions of neuromarketing.

2.  Evolution of neuromarketing.  The next 10 years?

3.  What is included under the term 'neuromarketing' and what might be the criteria for corporate membership?

4.  How can neuromarketing suppliers collaborate in the interest of the field as a whole?

5.  The relationship between neuromarketing and traditional market research methodology, convergence or complementarily?

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