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2 february 2012

08:30Neuromarketing Network Opportunity (NMSBA Members only)


10:30 Opening

Welcome to Amsterdam
Carla Nagel, Director of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association

Messages to the long-term memory of your audience
- Measure consumer engagement
- Optimizing branded content
- Little changes to an add that have huge effect on its effectiveness

CEO Neuro-Insight & Professor at Swinburne University

Predicting preference and purchase with BOLD fMRI
We use BOLD fMRI to record consumer preferences. We record activity in regions of the brain that signal emotions and values that are relevant for consumer behavior, such as desire, trust and self relevance, or emotions that are to be avoided, such as fear or aversion. We have developed 12 'mappers', that we combine to evaluate the largely unconsious consumers response to commercials, brands, products, or packaging. Our goal is to evaluate the role of these emotions in final consumer choice. We have conducted several experiments that give strong indications as to what regions of the brain matter when it comes the actual choice that people make when confronted with products. We find that the relative weight of emotions depends on product class and desired goals.

CEO Neurensics & Professor at the University of Amsterdam

Q&A from the audience

Recording brain waves at the super market
- What can we learn from shopper’s brain that they can’t tell us?
- What happens in the brain when people spot an item of interest, grab it, examine it, and then place it in the basket.

Dr. Stephen Sands
Chairman, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer for Sands Research Inc.

Lunch break

Practical applications of neuromarketing tools
- How to choose the right tool for a specific marketing question
- What kind of insights can be derived
- How to fit these findings into your existing research framework

Managing Director of Neurosense Limited

Targeted Product Development
Many companies fail to acknowledge and analyze disparities observed among consumers and simply put them down to culture. New neuroendocrinological research proves that consumers are rational: They just have a different physiological perception of the same stimulus! Their preferences, behavior, and decisions are strongly influenced by the hundreds of millions of sensors monitoring their body and brain. 

During this interactive session, illustrated by striking case studies, Prof. Diana Derval will share an unusual approach to:

• Understanding and predicting consumers’ behavior and preferences

• Designing the right sensory mix (color, shape, taste, smell, texture, and sound) for each product

• Fine-tuning the positioning and product range for every local market

• Systematically increasing the innovation hit rate

President, Research Director at DervalResearch, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Better Immune System foundation & Author of the book "The Right Sensory Mix", finalist of the Berry-AMA prize for Best Marketing Book 2011

Q&A from the audience

Coffee break

Enrich consumers feedback
- The application of multiple different neuromethods
- How to integrate the findings?

Cristina de Balanzo, PhD - Global Head of Neuroscience TNS
Professor Rafał Ohme, Founder of Human Mind Brain Applied Research Center

Future of Neuromarketing
- What new insights can we expect in the near future?
- How will Neuromarketing as a discipline integrate on the business floor?
- How will the field develop?

Professor of Marketing Research, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Start social event

Boat tour on the famous Amsterdam canals with drinks

Dinner at Legend The Grand (please indicate vegetarian and any other dietary requirements on the booking form) 

Neuromarketing Science & Business Association

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